First, THANK YOU for being a resident of Brookside of Superior Twp.

As the Community Board, we strive to make Brookside a community that you want to enjoy. We look to our residents for input, as to how we can make the community a better place to live.

We(the board) maintain the community by a set of bylaws that were put in place by the developer, and designed to keep our subdivision ascetically pleasing and property values constant.

Again, THANK YOU, we need everyone's help to make our community great!

​​It’s amazing what we can do, when we come together, for the betterment of the Brookside Community


The purpose of the Community Board is to Guide, Manage & Enforce the Bylaws that we put in place prior to the development of Brookside of Superior Twp.

The Board is made up of 5 community members, that are elected on rotating terms, at the Annual Meeting. Each year, 1-3 Board seats are open and available for election. Residents can nominate themselves or others prior to or at this meeting.  Seats are then filled by ballot vote, by proxy vote (sent prior to meeting) or ballot vote at the meeting.

The Boards highest priorities, are to; Maintain all common areas of the community, Collect Semi-Annual dues (to pay for the maintenance) & Enforce the bylaws.

The community uses Kramer-Triad, a property management company to help with these tasks, and guide us through issues the volunteer board is not proficient in.

The goal of the board, is to make sure that community remains a viable, well maintained place for families to live and enjoy.