Winter Is HERE!!!!

A Few Items for Our Community:

  • As per Township ordinance below, walks need to be shoveled within 72 hours of a snow event
    • As a community we pay for snow removal, please let us take full advantage of our expense by not causing issues with cars in the streets.
  • Please DO NOT Blow Snow into the street.  This causes extra expense for the plows to come back out for clean-up
  • We need to work together to make our community great.

Superior Township Ordinance and Message

Winter is Here. Please Keep Your Sidewalk Clear and Do Not Park on the Road During a Snow Emergency. Vehicles Parked on Public Streets During a Declared Snow Emergency May be Removed (Towed) at the Owner's Expense

Please help keep our sidewalks and streets passable this winter. Superior Township has ordinances that include the following requirements for residential areas:

Ordinance No. 150, Sidewalks, Section 150.06. Ice and Snow Removal 

A. No person shall permit ice or an accumulation of snow to remain on any sidewalk adjacent to a lot or parcel occupied by them, or on a sidewalk adjacent to any unoccupied lot or parcel owned by them, for a longer period than seventy-two (72) hours after the same has formed or fallen. This does not include sidewalks to the rear of a lot or parcel.

Ordinance No. 188 Snow Emergency, Sections 4, 5 and 6:

Section 1. Snow Emergency When Authorized.

Whenever the supervisor determines, on the basis of a forecast of the National Weather Service, Washtenaw County Department of Emergency Management or other credible source that four or more inches of snow or other hazardous winter time weather event is expected to fall upon the Township, the supervisor shall cause to be put into effect a snow emergency on public roads.

Section 2. Snow Emergency - Notice of Declaration and Termination.

2.1 Upon declaring a snow emergency, the supervisor shall forthwith cause appropriate notice of such emergency to be publicly announced by any means at his/her disposal to alert the public of such snow emergency. Each announcement shall describe the action taken by the supervisor, including the time it became or will become effective.

2.2 The supervisor shall make or cause to be made a record of each time and date when any declaration is announced to the public in accordance with this ordinance.

2.3 Whenever the supervisor finds that the conditions which gave rise to a snow emergency no longer exist, it shall be terminated by notice given substantially in the same manner it was declared.

Section 3. No Parking on Public Roads During Snow Emergency.

No person shall park or leave any vehicle or trailer on a public road in the township when a snow emergency has been declared. Further, within two (2) hours after notice of a snow emergency has been given, any motor vehicle or trailer parked on any public road within the Township shall be removed.

Section 4. Stalled or Disabled Motor Vehicles or Trailers.

Whenever a motor vehicle becomes stalled or disabled for any reason, on any portion of a public road, the person operating the motor vehicle shall take immediate action to have the motor vehicle towed or pushed off the road. No person shall abandon or leave a motor vehicle or a trailer on any public road, regardless of whether the person indicates by raising the hood or otherwise, that the motor vehicle is stalled, except for the purpose of securing assistance during the actual time necessary to go to a nearby phone, or nearby garage, automobile service station, or other place of assistance and return without delay.

There are penalties for failure to comply with either ordinance. Complete copies of both ordinances are available for review under the General Ordinance section of this website.

For further information, please call the Township Hall at 734-482-6099 or email your Township Official

Supervisor Ken Schwartz,

Clerk David Phillips,

Treasurer Brenda McKinney,